Exactly 2 months ago I updated this blog. SELAMAT HARI RAYA semua. Mohon maaf zahir batin. Semoga puasa dan ibadah kita di bulan ramadhan diterima OlehNya. In shaa Allah. Didn’t managed to get my leave to be approved for 7th July. So that morning I was zombified. I was so sleepy at work, luckily it was a Lil busy so it was not that boring. 

Ok so last Saturday, I was working half day and after work R fetched me and mum & Lil sis and we head down to Expo to survey our beds. R did his homework on what kind of mattress he wants but we got into a small argument then he got annoyed halfway and so he was busy with his phone. πŸ˜’πŸ˜£ Luckily my mum was around, if not I’ll just walk out of that place. That aside, we managed to get a good deal I guess. So i was happy. It was alr 5+pm so we decided to go home,  hoping that we’ll reach on time for break fast. R took the wrong exit so we ended up at simpang and bought our food from there and went home. 

So, on Monday (4/7/16), I took half day leave, (it was so last minute, I think the leave in charge was mad at me πŸ˜‚). Went down to romm for registration and documents verification. Finally I’m done with that. Alhamdulillah everything went well for the interview. Da boleh nikah dah.! πŸ’“ 

For the cards, I decided to go with Thumblinda,  liaising with her was easy. Paid the deposit and now just waiting for R to give me his card choice before I send in the order.

We are down with 140 days. And I think I haven’t feel the pressure as yet. But I think dad is the one that is stress. Haha he mentioned that he needs to repaint the room,  change this and that etc. Do whatever you want dad as long as you’re happy with the outcome πŸ™‚ we have yet survey for the maskahwin & the items for the dulang hantaran. Oh ya I need to apply leave for my appointment with Mr Zubair from SGCC. I hope RaffieyNasir will reply our text so that we can fix our appointment date with him for our baju nikah. So many things to do, yet so little time. 

Till then.


Dee ❀ 




200 daysss away to #rdaefsi

Assalamualaikum my dear,

Finally updating this page. There’s so many post that I save on Drafts but I post none. Anywayyy, we are going for a short getaway at the end of the month, to a nearby island with the family. At the end of the day, family comes first.πŸ’•

Our appointment with Mr Zubair sgcc will be in July/Aug. In June/ July we gonna start surveying items for our trays. Pretty much excited for it.
Oh yes, R booked the hotel for our HMoon already, yay! Anyway, we won’t be going HMoon straight away after the sanding as my stepsister daughter is getting married a week after mine. So the AL that I projected is all over the place. Seriously. But, I am so thankful that my AL are approved and I won the balloting for those popular dates. Can you imagine fighting with 5-10 staffs for the same dates and I managed to win the Ballot.  Rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

I’ve yet secured any vendor for henna and cards. Mum was telling me that shouldn’t be spending a lot on the cards. R showed me this Malaysian cards vendor and I kinda liked his designs. Emailed him to enquire more about the packages that they have. I’m actually weighing the pros and cons if we were to engaged him. It’s within our budget but then we need travel there. See how it goes from here…and I hope we can settle it soon….
Henna. I’m not sure if I can still find one vendor that is still available on my date. Not really a priority on my list at the moment. But I would love to have one. πŸ˜†

So many things happened recently. Mum was admitted due to high fever, diarrhoea & dehydration, but thankfully she was discharged 3 days later with a primary diagnosis of gastric enteritis and not appendicitis as that was what doctor suspected at first. Grandma’s foot was swollen but now it’s getting better at least.. Both happened at the same time. When it happened it was during the long weekend (public holidays), so I was around and managed to care for both of them. It was quite tiring going to and fro everyday to the hospital to send home cooked food 🍲 for mum. But, it’s over now and I’m glad that she’s so much better now alhamdulillah. It was really an ujian from Allah, it tested me emotionally, physically and financially.
At the end of the day, Allah is the best planner… And…





As of 31 Jan ,Β  we are 300 days away from the BIG DAY..Β  R seems very excited..so am I.

Last week, we sign up for the RaffieyNasir solemnization package. Alhamdulillah. So, my aunt in shaa Allah will be coming in Nov.  She’s currently settling Dzaky birthcert then they gonna make passport. I hope the process will be smooth.

I’m so thankful for having him around. He never fails to give me motivation. However there are times when I feel like strangling him too! Especially when I’m having bad moodswings.

We always quarrel over nitty-gritty stuffs. Yesterday, he said something, “Kalau sedang bergaduh, seorang akan Jadi api, then seorang lagi akan Jadi air”
R, ” I’m sure you won’t become water, πŸ˜’” I can only smile…

And true enough, the very next day we fought over silly things when we were on our way home. He was driving and he was angry. I just kept quiet. Don’t want him to drive recklessly when he’s angry. Thinking about the incident, it’s so silly of us to fight over it. His reason was., he wants to “shut” people’s comments about our wedding, esp the makciks. In my opinion, With or without it, people will still talk about it. It’s hard to please everyone. Not everyone gonna agree to what we are doing for our wedding. Sometimes I just don’t understand why. They want to find out this and that so that they can make comparison etc.

I’m just disappointed. I hope this feelings will go away soon. No I’m not disappointed with him, I’m disappointed with myself cause I’m unable to control this emotions and ended up venting it to someone I hold close to my heart..

Till then, I hope things will resolve soon and I hope our prep will go smoothly. In shaa Allah.


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2015 berlalu dengan sekelip mata. Tahun baru, azam baru. Berazam untuk memperbaiki diri ini yang senantiasa alpa dengan sang Pencipta. Semoga 2016 akan membuka lebih banyak pintu rezeki & juga pintu-pintu kebahagiaan yang lain . In shaa Allah.


  • Visited my Dad in Indonesia after 15 yrs here. (it was nerve-wrecking)
  • Graduated from NYP.
  • Engagement.
  • Full time job.

There’s more actually & I’m so thankful for the people I met throughout the year. The #TheBTBSupportGroup , My KK cliques & the Malay Mak Ciks from KK. They have been very supportive thus far. Alhamdulillah.


It’s going to be Β a very interesting & busy year for us & for those getting married this year. Ladies, semoga semua persiapan berjalan dengan lancar. In shaa Allah. I’m sure we all can do this. SO far, wedding preparation has been put on hold. Anyway, we’ve booked the Kursus Perkahwinan . It’ll be at the end of Feb, its a 2 day course in Malay.

The other day I won ballot for Holiday subsidy for the first half of the year. I’m wondering where should I go. Tapi dah rezeki, so Alhamdulillah.

Will update this space again when I have the time. In shaa Allah. Have a great year ahead everyone.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

Marcus Aurelius



Happy 26 birthday R. πŸ’ƒπŸ’•
May Allah blessed you with His love and showers you with Never-ending happiness, health and wealth. I hope and pray to Him that you are always happy whenever you are with me. I hope you never get bored of me even after we’ve been together for almost 5yrs. In shaa Allah.  I’ll see you soon to celebrate your belated birthday since you can’t even leave SG due to rally deployment etc. 😣

You know it’s been hard for me for the past weeks/months as I’m trying to adjust to your new job scope and schedule.. It’s harder to meet you these days eventho it’s on a WEEKEND. Like what you said before,  it’ll get easier in the future, in shaa Allah. I hope so too dear.

1. I’ve yet book a henna artist as of now.
2. Dad brought up the topic on the number of jemputan (Need to increase on the number of Pax etc) πŸ˜£πŸ˜“
3. R changed our initial honeymoon location after calculating his budget (I’m happy with the new location,  alhamdulillah) but if he wants to change again to the initial location again next year, I’m fine with it too. I’ll go anywhere that he’ll bring me to. 😊 because since he’ll be the one forking out the money for the honeymoon. I don’t want to burden him with so many things.

Sekarang da Besar, da boleh cakap!! Tak sabar nak jumpa dia lagi.

Till my next entry.

DeeLamin 🌻

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Ya Allah….
Jika benar dia jodohku, maka dekatkanlah hatiku dengan hatinya dengan kehendakMu,
Jika dia bukan milikku,  damaikanlah hatiku dengan ketentuanMu

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This week(last week actually) has been an enjoyable week for me. I turned 23 on Thursday (Aug  13). As usual R will stay up late and wished me when the clock strikes 12 am. When I woke in the morning, I cried reading those text messages from friends and families. Kak Ana & Kak Jah nonstop teasing me the whole day. Work was very busy on that day. I keep running in and out to homecare to collect orders. Went for lunch at 1pm, Cik Kam approached me and she asked me to follow her to homecare, well I thought I didn’t sign any of the memo but I was wrong… Cik Kam and kak Ifah bought for me a small cake and they start to sing for me..  I was on the verge of crying as I didn’t expect that at all. Shared the cake with my cliques.

Before I ended work, my supervisor approached me and did appraisal with me. Alhamdulillah I’m a confirmed staff and my benefits will come in slowly. Like what kak F said, ” rezeki Hari Jadi dik”. ☺ went for dinner at sakura with the family.. R surprised me with my fave Gerbera 🌻🌻🌻

Met up with some of the BTBs for dinner last Wednesday at Ayam Penyet @ Lucky plaza. Nice meeting them. Hope to meet the rest of them at Hana’s wedding next month. I’ve yet send my questionaires reply to orangefill. I can’t seem to find the time to sit and think. Haha excuses.

We are 469 days away… Time flies so fast. I hope these insecurities will go away as time goes by. In shaa Allah.  I’ve so many things to learn, to stay healthy (by gaining some weight), to learn how to manage my time well.

I wish that everything will go as planned…


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Hello readers (if you are still reading my blog, thank you)

I know I’ve been MIA-ing for quite some time. It’s already July. Time flies really fast right. It’s the last 10 days of Ramadan. I hope we will have the chance to meet Laylatul Qadar. In shaa Allah. Work has been crazy, ha ha. Apparently one of my poly mates is also working at the same place as me, whoops awesome. The last 3 weeks was indeed a lesson-learnt week for me. Every single day I made near-miss errors and getting a warning from the in-charge makes it worst. Kak F was trying to bring up our morale as we were really affected with the situations esp me, that I even cried in front of her. Ya Allah, I couldn’t sleep well at night for the next 2 weeks. I have this habit of keeping everything to myself then once I could not take it anymore, it’ll just explode just like that, (mak kata makan hati) Maybe this is one of the reason why I cannot gain weight! -.- Glad that I have support from R (even how much he always annoys me) and the my work matesΒ  for that 2 weeks and even now. So thankful to have them.

so, moving on… Its been weeks-months that I’ve been thinking about the videography services that I’ve been blogging about a few times. I told my concern to R (pujuk him also) and so we decided to forgo our $XXX deposit with our previous vendor. We decided to forgo because I really want to have the same videomaker for my nikah & sanding event since it’ll be 2 weeks apart. Previous vendor were not available for one of the dates and I just feel kinda insecure so I started sourcing out and asking for quotations & availability of dates for both weeks.( Actually not only insecure la, ada other reason as well) I found a few and started sending emails. Only a few replied. We met up with Nazrin from Orangefill last weekend at CWP CBTL after iftar. I had a few questions in mind and even before I asked him the questions , he explain about all those details and so we got our answers. We felt comfortable talking to him and it feels like as if we’re friends. Well, apparently, at the end of the day is about the TRUST. I went home feeling secured and Alhamdulillah we’ve made up our mind and decided to go for Orangefill.

I joined this BTBkecoh whatsapp and every single day I woke up with 2k messages till my phone crashed a few times (No, I’m not complaining. He he) I’m not that active so most of the time selalu ketinggalan topics. These ladies are so funny and fun to talk to. I did not attend the first meetup as I have something on. Hopefully I can meet them during the next gathering, In shaa Allah. Last weekend, I decided to update my wedding budget spreadsheet, looking at the amount can make me faint. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki…

Now I’m thinking whether to have a nikah corner decor at home or not for the nikah since my akad nikah will be at home (In shaa Allah.) So should I or Should I not have a vendor to decorate the nikah corner? Will it be expensive? DO you ladies know roughly how much it costs?

Sampai disini dahulu, jumpa lagi di lain waktu.Selamat Malam. πŸ˜€



Finally I have the mood to update this blog. Even though I didn’t post any since March, I still comes back here to read up on the other BTBs post. Again, no updates so far for the wedding prep. However, on the 10th May,Β  we met up with RENA.ARTS. We booked their 2 hr photography and make up service for Nikah. I had religious class in the morning, once I ended class at 2:15, we rushed to JEM to meet them.

We discuss about the package and all. They are pretty new in the industry but again it all comes down to mutual trust. The way they reply to my enquiries wereΒ  fast and efficient.Β  I hope everything will turn out well on the day itself. In shaa Allah. Tentatively,  I’m gonna ask my best guy friend for help for the videography of nikah. In shaa Allah he’ll be free on the day. One of RENA.ARTS team’s husband actually do videography but more to corporate events, he have yet done any nikah video. So…. We’ll see how it goes.

After the meet-up with RENA.ARTS,  we rushed to Xin Yi’s nephew Full month celebration. The buffet was halal, so alhamdulillah. We catch up with each other’s life. It’s been almost a year since all of us last met. Time flies when we are having so much fun.

Anyway….I’ve gotten myself a full-time job at a Hospital. I graduated last Monday (18/5/15) with a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I applied for a position at the outpatient pharmacy.  Alhamdulillah, today is my 3rd week. Next week,  I’ll have LASA test then the following week I’ll have my packing competency. I hope to pass during the first try. In shaa Allah. The PT staffs are so nice and friendly so far, they were so helpful, Esp kak F. Whenever kak F opens her mouth and converse in Malay, she sound so Baku, I admire her for that. Her malay is so fluent and the words she choose always makes me smile. I always look forward to seeing her everyday coz I feel like she’s a “mother” to me. 😄:D

Being alone doesn’t mean that I’m lonely, but I just want to have some quality time with myself, to learn and appreciate myself more.

DeeLamin 🌻

23. Holidays .. Kompang..

Its gonna be a LONG post.

On 13/03 – 22/03, family and I went back to Indonesia. Our flight was in the morning at11.25am. We reached SUB airport at 1.30pm. It was HOT. The weather was crazy. My aunt, his husband and my late Uncle’s bestfriend & Dzaky fetched us. This time round , we rent 15 (?) seater vehicle. The journey from the airport to my village took about 6-8 hrs. But this time round, it took more than 8hrs. Penat gile duduk in the same position for more than 8hrs! The usual driver that usually fetched us took less than 8hrs . Know why? The old driver knows the road well and knows how to overtake other vehicle, thats what I like about the old driver. Okay la, biar lambat salkan selamat.Β  We stopped halfway to have our lunch. Again, we didn’t go to the usual makan place. The waiter found out we were from SG. -.-” Paham-paham sahaja la kan… When they found out that you are a tourist, they’ll charged you double. & yes, makan tak seberapa but bayar is 500000 rupiah. 1/2 a million wei.. Kalau betul lah makanan diorang mahal , takpe la. But if diorang sengaja charged us double/triple, then memang tak patut. Harap-harap diorang realise that its wrong to do that. :@

So, we reached home about 10pm. Penat tak terkata. It feels so good to be back home after 3 years. Everyone knows/recognised me BUT, I couldn’t recognised those people. I left Indonesia when I was 9. Now I’m 22. I only return home about 2 times. My bahasa jawa also no longer fluent. I understand what people say in Jawa, but I couldn’t answer them back in Jawa thus I’m having trouble answering them in Bahasa as well cause, I’m so used to speaking SG malay. Padahal tak beza jauh. Everyday we had Nasi Pecel for breakfast. We went to the Cemetery on the 3rd day with aunt and parents. Grandma didnt tag along cos she will be having trouble walking in the padi field.

Look. Its just so beautiful and calming.
Look. Its just so beautiful and calming.

On the 4th day, we had kenduri. It was 1000 days of late Uncle passing. So we had kenduri. Alhamdulillah everything went well. Our neighbours helped us with all the preparations. It was full house. Semoga kenduri itu diberkati dan semuanya dipermudahkan.

The lady in Red with an infant  was my childhood friend. It was so nice meeting her. She was actually my dancing friend. hehe.
The lady in Red with an infant was my childhood friend. It was so nice meeting her. She was actually my dancing friend. hehe.


AT this point of time, grandma fell ill. Her body was so weak that she barely left the bed. She can’t even eat. She keep on vomitting. It was so bad that we had to called the doctor to give her an injection. We actually had plans to visit the different places but because of grandma, we had to cancel our plans. Dzaky also fell sick. He keep on crying for days and all of us couldnt sleep at night. In the afternoon, Dzaky asyik berkepit je dengan my mum. Kesian.

We managed to visit Ngebel Lake, it was 2 hours journey from Ponorogo. The view was magnificient, the photos that I took didn’t do any justice at all. You should visit the place then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thats just me. lol
Thats just me. lol


I think I’m done with my holidays entry. Just wanna introduce my step-nephew.

Whatcha looking at??
Whatcha looking at??


He looked so alike as my Late Uncle. His eyes and everything. I’m gonna miss you. Can’t wait to see you again Dzaky :*

Okay, so for the past few days I’ve been sending emails and sms-s to different Kompang Vendors. Well, this was supposed to be done by R’s sis, but I think she’s busy. So I took the initiative. All the Kompang group vendors get back to me promptly after a few hours. Once I got all the quotations from them, I send the info to R so that he can check them out first before making the decision. Well, I just did a random search at FB. I managed to get 8 quotations and R shortlisted 2 out of 8 based on our budget. He shortlisted Kumpulan Kompang Sinaran Surya and Wira Satria. Wira Satria’s incharge is my sec school friend. So I just liased with him directly. We made the decision ‘democratically’. My choice and R’s sister choice is the same which is Wira Satria. I saw how Wira Satria perform since my secondary school days. No, there were no discounts or whatsoever. So yes, KOMPANG settled.

Since I’m free at the moment, I created excel spreadsheet to update about my wedding budget. It was shocking to see the estimated amount. Ya Allah. Gonna cut down on certain things alr.Β  R suggested that instead of having a Pre-wedding shoot, we should have Post-wedding shoot. Well, reason being is that, bila Pre-wed shoot nanti tak boleh ge too ‘intimate’ like berpelukan, hold hands. Basically can’t get too close. SO, since our Pre-wedding shoot is a 3 year open date and we signed up last year (impulse purchase), and our nikah is next year, we can have our Post Wedding shoot end of next year as well.

I just found out a few days ago that dad got lung infection. He kept it a secret from me 😦 Alhamdulillah he’s getting better after down with on off high fever for 5 days. Only grandma, she’s still sick. Went to the doctor twice. A few days ago we went to the doctor at Ar-Rhaudah and went for blood test. I have yet called the doctor to ask for the blood test results. I hope nothing serious andΒ  I hope & pray that she’ll get well soon. I feel bad cause I couldn’t help much. Its so sad to see them getting weaker each day.

On a side note, Late Uncle’s bestfriend got married today. Semoga Langgeng.

Till then,